Dear friends, lovers of wine and the ‘art of living’,
I am very happy to introduce to you Chateau Le Bernat, in Puisseguin Saint-Emilion.
Each day since 1999, my parents, Lilian and Pierre Jean have built, nurtured, enriched and created our vineyard.

The Harvests of 2012 represent the transmission and continuity of work that has been undertaken over the past 13 years.
The desire to showcase our terroir around the world, our attachment to this place, and our passion for crafting a ‘grand vin’ of Bordeaux—all of these shared values guide us in our unwavering pledge to strive for quality.

But, our wines speak better than us.

I hope that you will take part in the pleasure of discovering what we offer today.
New this year, we are now offering our “Verticals of Chateau Le Bernat” cases.
We have selected vintages in lots of 3, 4 and 6 and invite you to have a lovely tasting experience with friends.

Welcome to Chateau le Bernat, in Puisseguin Saint-Emilion.
We hope you will feel a bit “at home”

Nathalie Le Roy