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Chateau Le Bernat

The history of Chateau Le Bernat is one of a union of truly passionate wine lovers with the search for a lifetime project and a property in the sleepy valley of Saint-Emilion.

Since the summer of 1999, Liliane and Pierre-Jean Le Roy have invested everything with their daughter Natalie to revive this 6-hectare terroir.  Planted with Merlot vines that are up to 60 years old, as well as with Cabernet Sauvignon, the Château sits on the beautiful clay-limestone hillside of Puisseguin Saint-Emilion.

Today, Nathalie has naturally taken the reins of the estate with the same passion and energy as her parents.



The Estate

The most eastern of the appellations surrounding Saint-Emilion, the Chateau is located on predominately clay-limestone soils punctuated with smalls areas of gravel.

Located in the middle of the valley of Saint-Emilion its 6 hectares of vineyards face south-southeast.

At a bend in the middle of the valley, you will discover our estate and our home; a "Girondine" of the seventeenth century...

My parents, like me, are very attached to this place.

A friend once told me, “There are some wines that exist that people compare to ‘secrets’, so selfishly, that one only wants to share them with a few select friends, for the friendship with they lend is only worthy of the their love of wine and the blessed terroirs...”

We are obviously not the only ones who can claim this compliment, as so many wonderful wine-growing areas exist throughout the world, but I found it pretty and I hope you will think about as you discover our wine...

Château Le Bernat, in Puisseguin Saint-Émilion, on the route du Champs des Boys, is a place of great sweetness, dare I say, almost ‘feminine”…

We love its breezes, colors, lights, aroma, softness, and its plush hillside...

As a rule t Chateau le Bernat, we offer you the best of nature.  All of the passion that we have for our appellation of Puisseguin Saint-Emilion is reflected in our wines.

Simply, we want to offer our guests and our customers the best service, the finest wines for each tasting, a real experience and a wonderful shared moment.



The Team


Liliane and Pierre Jean Le Roy and their daughter Nathalie: three wine lovers, motivated by the same desire—an energy and a need to create and share.
Liliane and Pierre Jean were searching for a second “life” project when they found Chateau Le Bernat. They settled there and dedicated their lives to reviving the vineyards and to creating the wines we have today.

Nathalie has always been there by her parents’ side.  Guided by them as she takes over the chateau, she continues their labor of love to sustain and nurture Le Bernat, and to make its wines known.


Oenologist Jean Philippe Fort, a graduate of the University of Bordeaux and a member of the laboratory of Michel Rolland since 1990, advises the best vineyards in Saint Emilion.
4 of the First Grand Crus Classés and 17 Grand Crus Classés of Saint Emilion call on him to lend his expertise and services.

Jean Philippe Fort loves wines that are fruity and round with elegant tannins.  His wines are mature, come from very ripe grapes and are vinified with refinement, while respecting the typicity of the terroir.
Here at Bernat, the clay-limestone soils of Puisseguin give the wines power and the ability to age, but while always preserving finesse and elegance.

Vineyard Manager

Michel Adoue, native of Puisseguin, is the former owner of Château Bel Air and President of the Appellation Puisseguin Saint Emilion.

Michel Adoue was born among the vines, grew up in the chai and brings to the service of Bernat all of his skill, experiences and knowledge.

The master of the chai reins
in his cellar. From the arrival
of the grapes in the cellar

until the bottling,
it is he who creates the wine

Needless to say,
he keeps a vigil.

The Vineyard

… Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon…

Here, we have paid a lot of attention

The climate is overwhelming, with its rains, its heat waves…

The clay-limestone soils give a balance that is enchanting

Our grapes deserve all of our care.  To be the best, we strive for perfect maturity of the grapes in our vineyard by making every effort to have as late a harvest as possible.
The 6-hectare estate sits on a clay-limestone soil.   Our vineyards consist of vines more than 37 years old, planted with 65% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Since 2009 we have harvested completely by hand, followed by mechanical sorting.  Our fermentation takes place with non-added natural yeasts over a period of 25 days.

Our vines are the objects of careful attention, receiving special care for drainage, trellising and double guyot pruning.
The vat room has been refitted with small-capacity thermo regulated stainless steel tanks, ideal for vinification by parcel.
The chai has been restored for a perfect mastering of barrel aging.  For the first vintage we used entirely new French oak barrels, and now we buy 30% new barrels each year. 

Regular leaf removal, green harvests, and picking and sorting by hand have been implemented to control yields and to ensure that the grapes are harvest at perfect ripeness.
Our friend, oenologist Jean-Philippe Fort from the laboratory of Michel Rolland, managed the winemaking from the beginning.  For the first three years, the vineyard was managed by the Banton Laurand Company, followed by Alexandre Candido, while today it is managed by Michel Adoue. 

Over the course of thirteen years, Liliane, Nathalie and Pierre-Jean Le Roy have learned to truly know their terroir, its potential, and to deal with nature and its whims to make the best of Chateau Le Bernat.
The vintages of Chateau Le Bernat that have occurred since 1999 tell a story in the cellars and on the tables of our clients of a passion, of a taste for the best effort and the desire to realize a dream.


• APPELLATION: Puisseguin Saint-Émilion

The wines of Puisseguin Saint-Émilion, like those of Bordeaux, are blended wines that develop complex aromas, balanced fruits and tannins.  Careful aging in oak barrels gives the wines their spice and vanilla aromas.
With age, our wines express notes of flowers and cocoa with smoky fruits.
In their youth, our wines are powerful and at times very tannic.  The tannins develop and become rounded with time, giving way to a delicious wine.


• Varieties:

Merlot: the variety of reference in Saint-Emilion, it produces supple and round wines

Cabernet-Sauvignon: produces robust wines for aging with structure and finesse.




Open everyday
by appointment,
from 10H00 - 12H00
and from 14H00 - 18H00



Château Le Bernat : 1 Champs des Boys - 33570 PUISSEGUIN

• By plane:
   Airport: Bordeaux Mérignac.
   Take the road to Libourne, then to Saint-Émilion, and finally to Puisseguin.

• By train : TGV
   Paris-Bordeaux, get off the train at the stop in Libourne, after Libourne go to Saint-Émilion and then to

• By road :
   AutoRoute Paris-Bordeaux, exit at the last toll before Saint-André-de-Cubzac, then go towards Libourne,
   Saint-Émilion and finally Puisseguin.

• Location of the estate in relationship to Puisseguin
   500 m from the village on the ‘route de Saint-Philippe d'Aiguilhe’, it will be on your left as you descend

• To make an appointment
   Telephone: +33(0)      Fax: 33(0)